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Anxiety and Perfectionism in Women

Woman wakig up not showing face

Our culture tends to place a heavy burden on women. Whether you were born as female or transitioned into this gender identity, you probably have encountered various forms of judgment about how you look and what you do. As a result, you may be living with a great deal of anxiety and perfectionist thinking. Just for a quick check, do any of these statements sound familiar to you?

“People have told me that I’m difficult to please, but I can't succeed without these extremely high standards.”

“I am exhausted from trying to be everything to everyone in my family.”

“I hate group projects. I’d rather do things on my own so at least I can make sure it’s done right.”

“I can’t be myself around most people. They would think I am boring or weird.”

Logically, we know that it’s impossible to be 100% “perfect,” but oftentimes, women are held to a higher standard while being afforded less power. From idolization of unrealistic body images, to the high rates of sexual harassment and sexual assault, to heated debates about which mothers are doing a better job, there is no shortage of ways for a woman to feel inadequate, afraid, or ashamed. Having worked with hundreds of women on these issues, I am passionate about giving you a safe space to find your own voice, and to regain a sense of control without being trapped by perfectionism. Together, we will strive to be as healthy and powerful as we can, so we may transform our careers, family life, and community.

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